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When you are buying or planning to buy a property in India, due diligence is required to choose the right home to suit your preferences and make the most of your investment. Our expert tips can help to some extent to surely help you find your dream home.

Land Title

Always it is prudent to get the titles of the land/plot through an expert. Inquire about any disputes or issues with regards to the history of the property.

Legal Approvals

The legal approvals from the concerned authorities is a must for any project by the developer. Ensure all approvals are in place before selecting and finalizing on your property.


Basic amenities for any apartment/plot is the most essential requirement like water, electricity, road connectivity.


If you are looking to buy an apartment confirm before buying the materials and the quality used by the builder.

Locality and Surrounding

A good surrounding and overall environment will make your buying decision wise and pleasant stay.


Ensure you get the right price for the property you are buying. Comparing a few properties in the preferred locality will give you varied and better options.

Investment Returns

The property buying should be done keeping in mind the long term investment perspective. Always buy properties which has the potential to give you higher investment returns.

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